Photo Gallery 

Manchester 2004

April Three Oaks launch

The Impulse Buys rocket at the April 2005 Three Oaks regional launch, boosting on an Aerotech M1419W and airstarting two Cesaroni J400SS motors.  That's Steve Bakos, Prefect of Tripoli Michiana, helping me to the pad.  (Photos by Marc Klinger).

9/11 Memorial launch 2005

The Impulse Buys rocket also flew as part of the 9/11 Memorial Launch at Jackson in September 2005.  It boosted on an Aerotech K1275 Redlines, then airstarted two Aerotech I211 White Lightnings, and finally airstarted two Aerotech H220 Blue Thunders (red, white, and blue salute).  Scott Miller, Mark Palmer, and Tony Haga from JMRC helped me rack it up.  (Photos by Buzz Nau).

Nov. 2005 Three Oaks launch

At the November 2005 Three Oaks launch, Impulse Buys flew once again - this time on an Aerotech M1315W and airstarting two Aerotech I285Rs.  That's John Vandervoord and sons Gerald and Ian from the SMASH club helping me load (and recover!).  (Photos by Marc Klinger and Jay Calvert).

Jay's "Shadow Technology" at LDRS23, boosting on an Aerotech J420R, airstarting two H97J and two I200W. (Photos by Chris Masullo and Jay Calvert)

Alex&friends_lightnings Alex&friends_ShadTech
High Power Hobbits at Three Oaks. Photos by Jay Calvert